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Sheila K. Bunting 

Sheila K. Bunting – as Chief Executive Officer of Five Stars Tax LLC, Sheila brings over 30 years of financial management experience and more than 10 year of income tax preparation expertise to the tax industry. In this role, Sheila directs all financial and sales aspects of the business including accounting practices, budgeting, financial planning, and overall sales performance.

Prior to forming Five Stars Tax LLC, Sheila held various challenging positions as Partner with CSN Tax Service, Banking Manger for 5/3 Bank of Michigan, Finance Position with Whirlpool of Michigan, and several other stepping stone positions in the financial industry.Sheila has also been very instrumental in helping other tax companies to form and become successful. Sheila currently has a vested interested in Five Stars Tax, LLC of both Michigan and Georgia, and All Star Tax of Texas. In her spare time, Sheila enjoys, fine dining, shopping, and spending quality time with her family. Sheila currently resides in Las Vegas, NV.


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